Executive Driver


Executive Driver


Job Type:
full time

Date Posted:
June 24, 2019

Closing Date:
December 07, 2021

Job Location:
Not Listed, Different States Nationwide


 Job Description

An indigenous human resource based company with a focus on providing professionally trained and vetted drivers to individuals and companies are currently recruiting.

The driver should have the capacity to carry out his/her obligations in an expert way. 

Driver should constantly dress in line with the organization’s clothing regulation, and should have the capacity to relate well with associates and clients

The driver must be trained

Must be a skilled driver and must have the necessary authorization to drive

Must have sufficient knowledge of traffic laws.

Must have a clean driving record

Must be a safety conscious person

Must be focused, confident, and observant.

HMO, PENSION is part of the package


 Job Requirements

  • Must be ready for immediate engagement
  • Must know how to drive Manual /Automatic
  • Must have a minimum of OND
  • Must have a minimum of 6 years working experience as an executive driver
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and LASDRI
  • Must be willing to travel when required
  • Must be able to read and write
  • Must be matured and pays attention to details
  • Must be within the ages of 27-45yrs
  • Might be required to work on Saturday
  • Working Hours: 6:00am (closing time is flexible)


 Job Experience
3 - 5 years


 Job Responsibility
  • Carry out routine checks on vehicles and ensure they are sound
  • Recognize electrical and mechanical faults and report to the employer or technician
  • Perform periodic maintenance on vehicles, such as changing batteries and motor oil at appropriate time, as well as refueling the car(s).
  • Report any case of accident, injury or damage of vehicles to the supervisor or manager
  • Keep all records, including receipts for vehicle maintenance
  • Keep up a travel log to record areas travelled to, travel time, and work hours
  • Perform some other undertakings like shopping, dropping and picking clothing, getting lunch, and running errands
  • Pay tolls and other fundamental vehicle demands
  • Dress professionally and in accordance with company’s dress code.

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