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Lagos Banker Arrested for Using Forged WASSCE & University Results to Gain Employment


Lagos Banker Arrested for Using Forged WASSCE & University Results to Gain Employment

By admin 0 Comment February 24, 2020

Lagos State police have arrested a 26-year-old banker for using a forged West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) and Lagos State University (LASU) statement of result to secure employment with a commercial bank in Lagos.

The suspect had paraded himself as a degree holder in marketing with Second Class, Upper Division, before his arrest.

He was also said to have tendered a forged National Youth Service Corps discharge certificate and a reference letter to the bank. He claimed to have obtained the letter from another bank, his purported former workplace.

It was gathered that the fraudulent act was discovered after the management sent a letter to the bank to verify the genuineness of the reference letter. The bank was said to have denied knowledge of the banker and the letter.

The discovery prompted the bank to write West African Examinations Council and LASU, which also disclaimed the results.

The suspect reportedly confessed stating, “I am actually a National Diploma holder. I secured the fake WASSCE and LASU results, using a search engine and CorelDraw application. I scanned an NYSC certificate and used some applications to edit it. I did it in order to put an end to the suffering of my poor family. I am the only son of my father. I want the authority to be compassionate with my case. I was only trying to live a better life.”


Background check is a subtle approach towards fraud prevention. Some applicants come into an organization by hook or by crook means; using various methods to beat the system. Here are some key lessons from this case:

  • The competition for few available jobs in Nigeria is very intense, some applicants will embellish their results and CV to appear more suitable for the job.
  • Companies should imbibe fraud preventive strategies by conducting thorough pre/post-employment background checks on all prospective employees
  • With simple certificate verification, this crime would have been discovered, unfortunately, this bank only conducted this verification nearly two years after he was employed. Background checks should be done periodically, especially at the point of entry into any organisation
  • The suspect is a potential threat because if he can forge credentials, he can also forge other documents to commit fraud.
  • He deliberately forged letter of recommendation, and other certificate to facilitate easy entry into the company.
  • Pre-employment background check would have discovered this forgery.
  • If background check is part of the employment policy in the Financial Institutions, many of the in-house aided fraud and sometimes robbery could have been avoided

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