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By admin 0 Comment September 26, 2019

The job application process includes going over numerous nervous hurdles. Perhaps the most terrifying can be the moment you realize the potential employer is going to start looking into your past. The employment background check is common, with a whopping 98% of surveyed businesses conducting them.

What happens during an employment background check?

Employment background checks are self-explanatory. They are essentially the employer checking your past, whether what you are claiming on your resume is true and whether there is something they should be aware of before handing you the job. These checks can also be referred to as background screenings or pre-employment screenings. It’s the employer’s opportunity to ensure you are who you say you are.

The checks are normally conducted either in-house by the HR department or by an external company. There are third-party companies that conduct the checks for the employer. The employer will always get the result so there is not much difference to you as the candidate whether it’s the company conducting the search or another firm.

So, what do the employers check? employment background check can include:

Checking if you have a criminal record    looks at your criminal record history and whether you have convictions.
Confirming your education record including attendance and grades.
Examining your employment records whether you’ve been employed by the companies mentioned on your resume.
Checking your credit history examining if you have negative credit history

For example, a reference check is when the employer contacts your previous employers to ensure the things you’ve talked in the resume are true.

The others are background check that might not come up in your job application – for instance, whether you have criminal convictions. It’s important to understand that both of these elements, the reference and the background check, are integral information for the employer.

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