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House Help Stole N1.6m Few Hours After Employment

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House Help Stole N1.6m Few Hours After Employment

By admin 0 Comment September 12, 2019

A 26-year-old domestic worker, Franker Amaha, has stunned her boss after she fled with foreign currencies valued at N1.6m six hours into her employment.

The employer identified as Mrs Taiye of Masha area, Surulere, Lagos State, had engaged Amaha, whom she knew as Esther, on July 25, 2019 through an agent in Ikorodu.

Just two hours after Franker resumed work, they left for the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja, to pick up Taiye’s sister, who just returned from abroad.

On getting home, Franker reportedly sneaked into where her boss’ sister put her luggage, stole the hard currencies – $2800, £1,000 and 2000 Dutch Guilder – and fled.

It was gathered that efforts by the woman to locate her proved abortive as she switched off her phones and later threw away her SIM cards.

Taiye realised she was in for a complex matter when checks at the form she submitted with the agent revealed her home address and her guarantor’s identity as fake.

The detectives eventually trailed Amaha to her friend’s house in the Ajah area of Lagos State and apprehended her.

The suspect admitted she stole six $100 notes, five pieces of £20, five pieces of $20 and £100.  She said, “I changed $100 and made my hair with it and bought a pair of sleepers. I changed the remaining money to naira and deposited it into my account.  I stole her money because I got a call from my village that my mother was sick.  Please help me beg her to forgive me.”

She explained, “I gave her a fake name and address because I have the intention of stealing from her. I got to her house around noon and we went to the airport around 3:30pm to pick her sister. I opened her sister’s bag and took money from it.


These was a preconceived crime by the house help. Here are a few takeaways for our learnings:

  • Always verify the true identity of your domestic workers
  • Your need to always have your eyes on your domestic workers, the first few hours and days are very critical 
  • Ensure your domestic workers’ guarantors are verified
  • It is very dangerous to source for domestic staff from unverified agents
  • Don’t rely solely on the recommendation of others to hire your domestic workers. Do your findings yourself
  • Never employ a domestic staff without conducting proper background checks and due diligence on them. (It is advisable to outsource it to professionals).
  • Never source for domestic staff from unverified online platform, social media channels or any online recruitment portals. It is too risky
  • Never allow house help clean up your room without supervision. It is a time they search your room to know where valuable things are kept and waiting for the right time to operate
  • Never talk about money transactions or cost of your jewelries or valuables in presence of your domestic staff
  • Do not put too much trust on anyone especially your domestic staff, have an extra pair of eyes and eyes solidly on the ground.

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