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Background check: A secret weapon in the hands of the employer

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Background check: A secret weapon in the hands of the employer

By admin 0 Comment August 23, 2019

Background check is one of the most effective tools in the hands of employers. It not only helps in hiring the right candidate, but also in eliminating the risk of employing a criminal.

53% of all job applications are said to contain factually-inaccurate information and 30% of business fails can be attributed to malpractice committed by employees.

A background check helps employers verify a candidate’s claim on identity, guarantor information, employment history, residential address, education qualification, criminal record, and reference.

Studies have shown that bad hires can cost up to five times their annual salary. Loss caused by key staff such as managers and executive managers is four times higher than that caused by regular employees.

Psychometric test as part of background check can help employers make informed decisions in selecting the right candidate. This test presents a holistic view of the candidate’s skills, ability and personality.

It is advisable for companies not neglect social media check a part of the pre-employment screening.

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