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Screening: Background Checks vs. Social Media Checks

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Screening: Background Checks vs. Social Media Checks

By admin 0 Comment July 25, 2019

The evolution of digital technology and resultant online presence of the population is no doubt changing the way people engage and how business is conducted — but also what information can be sourced online, prior to such engagement taking place. While available online information may give previously unknown insights, is it enough to truly know who you are employing, forming business alliances or associations with and who you are entrusting, especially when it comes to your business information?

A recent research report highlighted that 50% of the Nigerian population have access to the internet and 12% of the entire population are active on social media. This same report also noted that more than 80% of local internet users access the internet through their mobile devices. With such a strong number of the local population making use of the social media and other digital platforms, certainly the ability to source information about an individual, or even a company, online, is much easier than it was few years ago. While there is value in conducting online and social media information checks, it is not sufficient to provide 360-degree checks on candidates

The modern digital world we find ourselves operating in, that is making wealth of information easily accessible today, is no doubt tempting some businesses to relook their current background screening processes in relation to hiring. This can include undertaking ‘self-check’ online searches of potential candidates, as this is perceived to be a cheaper option and therefore more attractive. However, negating thorough background checks or conducting such online searches outside the right ethical parameters could in fact end up costing a business much more in the longer term.

Social media screening and online checks can provide many benefits to a hiring employer; however, such screening should not be carried out in isolation. It should be accompanied with a full and comprehensive background screening approach. Businesses should look to partner with platform like ScreenedWorkers that holds the expertise within this field to not only ensure these checks are conducted in compliance with the latest legislation and guidelines linked to the protection of personal information, but that they are non-biased and provide fair and comprehensive assessments. 

Social media checks alone are not sufficient to obtain an objective and well-rounded view of a potential candidate, vendor or business partner. There is high possibility of making an ill-informed hiring or association decision, based on information taken purely at face value.

The digital world offers ample opportunity and the ability to know more simply through reviewing information publicly available online, it doesn’t allow for comprehensive screening. No shortcuts should be taken, if your business’s reputation and continued success is on the line

Whether you are conducting background checks on potential new hires or you are doing due diligence on potential business partners, vendors or associations. You need the expertise of professionals in the field of background checks to thoroughly screen and provide comprehensive assessments of your potential employee, business associates or vendors.

Avant Halogen has over time, shown the possession of the required expertise and experience to conduct thorough due diligence and background checks on all categories of employees.

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