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Domestic Staff Kills Employer, Mother Two Days After Resuming Duty

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Domestic Staff Kills Employer, Mother Two Days After Resuming Duty

By admin 0 Comment July 4, 2019

A domestic staff has killed his employer and her mother in Surulere area of Lagos barely two days after resumption of duty.

On 20th June 2019 at about 3am, Surulere Police Station received a distress call from No 4 Ogunlana Drive, Surulere, that one Joseph Ogbu, a 22 years old from Oju Local Government Area, Benue State, who was employed as a domestic staff on 18th June, 2019, murdered his employer madam Oreoluwa John, 38 years old and her 89 years old Mother, Adejoke John at their residence.

In his confession to the crime, the suspect averred that, his employer asked him to clean the house at about 9pm of 19th June, 2019 but an argument ensued between them, which prompted him to stab her with a knife. The shock of seeing her daughter dead caused the 89 years old mother slum and die.

After committing such inhumane act, he moved some valuable properties such as electronics, handsets and household items into the employer’s Toyota Camry Salon Car and attempted to escape before he was apprehended by Policemen on patrol at Ogunlana pindown point. The vehicle and items stolen were recovered, the Crime scene sealed off, and corpses of the two victims were deposited at Mainland hospital Yaba for further investigation.


This criminal act took place barely two days after Joseph Ogbu was employed!

The Police are carrying out further investigations to ascertain the real motive of this crime and investigate how and where Ogbu was sourced from.  

Pending the time, the Police unravel details about it. Here are few takeaways for current and prospective employers of all categories of domestic staff:

  • Never source for domestic staff from unknown/unverified agents
  • Never employ a domestic staff without conducting proper background checks and due diligence on them. (It is advisable to outsource it to professionals).
  • Never talk about money transactions or cost of your jewelries or valuables in the presence of your domestic staff
  • Never source for domestic staff from unverified online platform, social media channels or any online recruitment portals. It is too risky! 

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