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5 Reasons to Run a Pre-Employment Background Check

5 Reasons to Run a Pre-Employment Background Check

By admin 0 Comment June 27, 2019

The competition in the job market is very intense, applicants are more apt to embellish or hide certain aspects of their histories in order to appear more attractive to recruiters. Some of these actions may be fairly obvious to a trained recruiter, not all will be easy to spot until background check takes place. A background check should include all these elements:

  • Work history
  • Education qualifications
  • Reference confirmation
  • Identity verification and confirmation
  • Criminal records verification

Background check is a valuable tool for selecting the right candidate. When used consistently, this simple step can eliminate many future problems for the employer.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to run a pre-employment background check before finalizing an applicant’s employment:

1. It helps you ensure that you’ve chosen the right hire.

Employment screening processes are long, stressful, and expensive. From reviewing applications to reviewing candidates, these processes take a lot of time and are generally a blow to company productivity. In short, you want to make sure you hire the right person the first time, and that means being as thorough as possible in your initial screening process.

Quite simply, you can’t be as thorough as possible without running a background check to learn as much about an applicant as possible. So, unless you want to be doing the interview process again in a few months when your hire doesn’t work out, run background checks to make sure you are making smart decisions.

2.It provides peace of mind.

You never want to wonder about whether or not you can trust an employee. Background checks can help you dodge common worries about employee past history and give you the peace of mind you need to run your business or home efficiently.

3. It verifies education and certifications.

Employment history isn’t the only thing you should be verifying about an applicant. Thorough pre-employment background check makes it easier to confirm the authenticity of applicant’s academic qualification submitted at the point of hiring.

 4. It gives you a full picture of your applicant.

Most job applicants might as well be actors. The goal of any job seeker during interview is to impress the interviewer and come across as a friendly and professional person. This “performance” can even extend into the resume, where applicants might exclude certain jobs or other information. A background check can help you cut through the façade and find out who this person really is and more importantly, if such applicant is fit for hire. 

 5. It highlights dishonesty.

A lot of job seeker pretend during the interview, acting in way to impress the hiring manager. Even more applicants are dishonest on their applications and resumes—making up work histories, embellishing job responsibilities or titles, or changing employment dates. Pre-employment background checks should include calls to former employers, to make sure the information on the resume or applications matches up with the truth. If it doesn’t, you know you have a dishonest applicant on your hands. And if there’s something that no employer wants, it’s a worker they know can’t be trusted.

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