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8 Skills Your Employer looks out for in your CV

8 Skills Your Employer looks out for in your CV

By admin 1 Comment April 23, 2019

What comes to mind when you are preparing your CV for an interview? Depending on the position you are applying for, the employer may seek for different skills. However, there are some skills that you must develop and highlight in your CV to attract your potential employer. You want to leave a memorable first impression on your potential employer. Don’t you? Here are some skills we have compiled for you!

  1. Communication Skills
Knowing how to communicate effectively at the workplace is key.

This skill entails the ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing at the workplace. Learn to communicate in a friendly, confident and polite manner. Be a good listener. Your communication in the workplace should also be openminded.

2. Analytical Skills

Now, this is the ability to examine something by separating it into parts and studying it closely to know its differences and relationships. Analytical skills are crucial to being able to solve a problem or make a decision in the most productive way.

3. Excellent Client Relationship

Your potential employer is always curious to find out how seamless your relationship is with clients as positive client relationship is vital for business success. You need to have great relationship with your clients.

4. Ability to work in a TEAM

Ever heard of the saying “Teamwork makes the Dream work?” TEAM stands for Together Everyone Achieves More.

Employers are looking for someone that can bring out the best in others. Are you the ONE?

5. Creative Skills

Sharpen your creative thinking. The world is definitely not where it used to be 2 decades ago. Do you possess creative skills enough to convince your employer that you would add value to the company?

6. Problem solving skills

You don’t have to be a Superman or Superwoman to be able to solve problems. All you need is to possess the ability to think and work under pressure so you can proffer solutions to any problem(s) that arises at work.

8. IT Skills

Learn basic computer skills and master them. Know how to use Microsoft Word for creating documents, Microsoft Excel for analyzing data, Microsoft Powerpoint for presentations.

Do you possess these skills? Develop them and highlight them in your CV so they can stand you out at your next interview. Best of luck!

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